Bob wigs are mostly referred to as short wigs; they originated from the British courts. Presently, it is popular among different women throughout the world. It offers a classic appearance and is specially made for women who love short hair. In addition, it features a unique style, and it can be flirty, curly, straight, and sleek.

It has different construction; it is available as full lace wigs, lace front wigs, u-part wigs, and non-lace wigs. Also, you can choose according to your face shape or skin color. If you want to know more about bob wigs, you are in the right place. This article will discuss how to choose a bob wig, its advantages, and the various lengths available in the market.

Table of Content

  • How to Choose the Best Bob Wig
  • Advantages of Using Luvme Hair Bob Wigs
  • What are the Various Lengths of Bob Wig
  • Where to Buy Bob Wigs?
  • Conclusions

How to Choose the Best Bob Wig

Before deciding to choose a bob wig, these are a few things you need to consider:

Face Shape

It would be best to consider your face shape before buying a bob wig. This will help prevent having an odd appearance. There are various misconceptions about choosing the right bob wig to match your shape. For example, many believed people with round faces should wear long hair. However, you can achieve a youthful appearance with a short bob wig. 

On the other hand, any type of hairstyle and length is suitable for an oval face. The point is knowing your face shape and choosing the most appropriate wig.


Wigs are designed in different sizes. Therefore, you must know your head size to make the best decision. This will help ensure you don’t buy a wig that is too small or big.

Type of Cap

You need to take note of cap construction when choosing a bob wig. There are different options you can try depending on your preference. If you are a fan of bang wigs, you can choose a bob wig with fringe. However, if you want fringe, select other cap types like lace front and closure lace wigs.


In general, you have a lot of options when it comes to texture. And many things will determine your personality, hair type, and style. It can be curly, wavy, or even straight; keep in mind that curly texture adds volume to your hair. So, whether you want more volume will determine whether to choose this hair texture.

Advantages of Using Luvme Hair Bob Wigs

Comfortable and Trendy

Bob wigs are more casual and look more relaxed than long wigs. They are lightweight. Therefore you will feel comfortable with them. In addition, bob wigs offer a chic appearance and, as a result, have become popular among many celebrities. It is widely known throughout the world. Irrespective of your face shape, you will always find a suitable style of bob wig.

Low maintenance

Since bob wigs have a shorter hair length than other long hair wigs, the maintenance process is always minimal. Remember, this should not stop you from caring for the wig to extend its service life.


Aside from having less maintenance, bob wig is popular among women because of its versatility. You are not restricted to any type of hairstyle when wearing short bob wigs. Manufacturers have made different styles of bob wigs to suit everyone. With this, your face shape, hair texture, skin color, and hair length are not an excuse. You will always find a bob wig made for you.


Bob wigs have shorter hair lengths than other wigs with longer hair lengths. Therefore, you can expect it to be more affordable. If you are looking for a luxurious and cost-effective hairstyle, bob wigs are a perfect choice.


The comfort that comes with wearing bob wigs cannot be overemphasized. It is a perfect wig to wear all day. Bob wigs do not contain excessive hair. Hence, they are lightweight and cannot irritate your scalp. In addition, they are breathable, so your scalp will be able to breathe.

What are the Various Lengths of Bob Wig?

8-Inch Bob Wig

This length of bob wig is mostly common among younger girls and middle-aged women. It stays behind your hair, and the length is beyond 3-4cm.

10-Inch Bob Wig

This is a bit longer and not exaggerated as the 8 inches. On the other hand, it does not offer a mature look of a 14-inch wig. If you are taller, the length can reach the neck; however, you can make it a shoulder length if you are shorter.

12-inch bob wigs

This is almost the same length as the 10-inch for many people because it may be a shoulder length. However, it is longer and more elegant than the 10-inch wig. The 12-inch bob wig is the general and most suitable wig length for many women.

14 Inch Bob Wig

The only difference between this and other types of wigs is the length. However, it is not too short or long and falls on the shoulder area.

Where to Buy Bob Wigs

There are countless wig vendors online; therefore, knowing the right place to buy might be difficult. If you are focused on buying quality bob wigs, you need to take some time to research a reliable store. To streamline the buying process, you can buy from stores like Luvme Hair for quality bob wigs and a wide range of styles.


If your goal is achieving a flawless and natural look, bob wigs are an ideal choice. These wigs offer everything you can ever want from any wig. It is natural, comfortable, breathable and versatile. In addition, they require low maintenance and are designed for different hair lengths.